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Increase Your Stamina – The Natural Way

Increase Your Stamina – The Natural Way

The daily regime or routine is called “Dinacharya” in Sanskrit. ‘Din’ means ‘day’ and ‘acharya’ means ‘to follow’ or ‘close to’. According to Ayurveda to maintain a healthy and disease free life one should follow a daily routine or schedule.


Increase your magnesium intake

Handful of almonds, hazelnuts and cashews, fish, fulfills your magnesium needs

Walk Around

Increase in physical activity, particularly walking, increases energy level

Power Nap

15 – 20 minutes of ‘Power Nap’
help us to better retain what we have learned and better health

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Going without breakfast may increase your stress levels and make you more emotionally volatile. You get an energy boost if you have daily breakfast.

Reduce Stress

It leads to one being a happier person , better relationships and a longer life

Drink More Water and Less Alcohol

Slight dehydration can leave you feeling tired and lethargic

Eat More Whole Grains & Less Sugar

This is particularly important to boost energy after exercise, when your body is likely to be craving fluids

Have a Power Snack

Eating more whole grains helped increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, allowing for that slow and steady release. Power snacking is more than just eating between meals.

Make it a Latte

Milk turns your java into a protein drink, which provides not only extra energy, extra calcium is good for your bones.

Check Your Thyroid Function and Complete Blood Cell Count

Thyroid can be particular problem for women- it often develops after childbirth and frequently during the pre menopause. A simple blood test can verify if this is your problem.

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