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Food is the main source of energy for life. It is regarded as the life maker. We needs energy for the proper growth  and development of the body, and the food we are taking will help for this. The food we take help us in different ways, as  it motive for the repairing mechanism of the damage tissues of the body. It is the material which is beneficial for the anabolic action.


Generally the food can be classified into two groups::

1. Plant origin

2. Animal origin

If you wanted to stay healthy and fit, you have to take proper amount of food, and  it should not become more or less in quantity. The biological fire which residing in the body will help the food particle to undergo metabolic changes and bring the equilibrium of body and mind.

According to Ayurveda, all the food particle is having the panchamahabhuta and doshic element in it. If one take the food according to their body, it will help them for achieving a good health. The diet is consist of both the good and bad effects what you are taking will decide your health. The consumption of different food will affect the elemental balance in a positive or negative manner respectively.

So we can say that a personalized diet is always good, as it will help for better digestion, metabolism and elimination of waste materials at proper time from the body. It improves sleep, concentration, and memory. It strengthens the immune system and maintains the health.

What you eat and how you eat are most important, we are having the proper answer for this, Eating is one of the most sacred experience. When we eat our food, it means we are taking some atoms or molecules from our surrounding into our body and asking them to merge with us or to become a part of us.

Thus  if you eat your food properly and mindfully with respect, the food joins well with our body and do the needful. Otherwise it will not merge and cause some imbalances in the body and leading to many diseases ranging from mild to severe.

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