Blissful Bedtime Revitalizing Night Cream

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Product Weight : 50 GM (1.69 fl.oz)
Method of Application Apply a small quantity of night cream onto the fingertips and apply to the entire face and neck in upward strikes. Use in the evening or whenever moisture is needed.
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Maintains healthy skin
100% natural product
Absolutely free from chemicals, additives, extra colors, fillers and yeast etc.
Formulated by M.D Ayurveda experts
Available at a reasonable cost
Paraben free


Sr. Hearb English Name Latin Name Part Used Qty
1 Vitamin E
2 Aloe vera extract (Aloe Barbadensis)
3 Sunflower seed oil (Helianthus annuus) – Soorajmukhi
4 Olive fruit oil (Olea europaea) – Jaitun
5 Shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa)
6 Sweet almond oil (Prunus dulcis) – Badam
7 Moavis 1905
8 Ginol 1618
9 BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene)
10 IPM (Isopropyl myristate)
11 Cyclomethicone
12 Moavis CCTG
13 DM fluid 350 CST
14 Dry Flo TS
15 Iscaguard PEG
16 DM water

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